Microneedling is not recommended if any of these conditions exist:

  • Keloid scars

  • History of eczema

  • Psoriasis and other chronic conditions

  • History of actinic solar keratosis

  • History of herpes simplex infections

  • History of diabetes

  • Not recommended for woman who are pregnant or nursing

Absolute contraindications include:

  • Scleroderma, collagen vascular diseases or cardiac abnormality

  • Blood clotting problems, active bacterial or fungal infection, immune suppression


  • Discontinue auto immune therapies, topical retin-A 24 hours before treatment

  • Microneedling treatments are not to be administered for 6 months after Accutane regimen

  • It is not recommended to have microneedling until at least 2 weeks after Botox and 4 weeks after a filler like Juvederm

  • If thinking of doing botox or any kind of derma filler after microneeedling, it is recommended to wait at least 3 weeks before getting these treatments done

  • Plasma pen treatment can be done after 7 to 10 days after microneedling

  • Avoid sun exposure to the treated area for 24 hours before your treatment


After the procedure the skin will be red and flushed in a similar way to moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness, tingling and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. These effects will diminish greatly a few hours following treatment.

Do not wash your face at least 5 hours, optimally 12 hours, after the treatment to ensure optimal effect of After Treatment Mask.

Any Hyaluronic Acid serum can be used after Microneedling treatment and it is recommended to use the first 3 days after the treatment.

Do not apply makeup on the facial skin including eye lids for 48 hours after the treatment.

In the first week after the treatment, do not expose to direct sunlight for 2 days by no means and wear hat, also avoid public bathing, sunbathing, tanning salon, sauna, beauty treatments and intense training accompanied by sweating (sport activities), contact with the dust (household chores, etc.).